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Victor Chavez



  • K-12 Administrator 


Victor Chavez, M.A. is a Co Principal Investigator for A3.

Mr. Chavez received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and a Master of Arts degree in Bilingual Education from California State University Dominguez Hills. He also received an Administrative Services Credential from University of California at Irvine.

He currently serves the community at Bell Gardens High School where he is now completing his fourth year as Principal. Mr. Chavez oversees an urban school with an enrollment of approximately 3,500 students. The school receives state categorical funding including School Improvement, State Compensatory Education, Limited English Proficient (LEP), AB 1802 (Supplemental School Counseling) and Quality Education Impact Act monies. Mr. Chavez has been a public educator for 29 years. In addition, he is an experienced principal who spent over 20 years as a principal in the elementary, middle and high school levels in the MUSD. Mr. Chavez taught at the elementary level prior to his tenure as an administrator.